Supply and Installation of Aluminum Composite Panel

Panel processing Parramatta

TD Cladding Supplies Pty Ltd has a professional team which undertakes the installation of aluminium panels. They work in close collaboration with the architects and builders.

Offering you a high quality and innovative service

Aluminium panel processing is carried out through a set of steps, namely,
• cutting- cutting of the aluminium panels with the appropriate saws till you have the desired size.
• Punching and contour cutting- to make holes and jig saw designs to fit the whole panel.
• Forming- folding and bending roller machines are used to give the desired shape to the aluminium.
• Joining- bolt holes, screwing, welding, riveting or bonding technique is used to join different panels together.
• Surface treatments- the surface of the aluminium panel is either painted or laminated.


Our team does not compromise with quality and applies the best techniques for a perfect finish. Contact us in Parramatta to know more about our services.